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Here's a simple, very quick, easy to make with the whole family, recipe that can be under half an hour! These are chocolate covered strawberries that can be covered in white chocolate drizzled with Nibmor's dark chocolate or even covered with Nibmor!



- White chocolate (optional)

- Nibmor chocolate

- Strawberries


- Wash your strawberries

- Add water to a small pot, and let it boil

- Grab a (stainless steel) mixing bowl and pour white chocolate chips

- Once the water in the pot is boiled, simply place your mixing bowl on top of the boiled water for chocolate to melt

- Once chocolate is melted, simply grab strawberries one by one and cover them in white chocolate

- Place on top of foil on flat pan

- Once all strawberries are covered and placed in rows, grab your flavor of Nibmor chocolate and repeat the melting process for white chocolate

- Once Nibmor chocolate is melted, pour into a clear bag, cut the tip, and start drizzling!