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Snack Pack Care Package

It's that time of year again! Celebrate the student in your life with delicious better-for-you chocolate goodies perfect for the dorm, sharing with friends, and taking on the world! This gift bundle includes six assorted pouches of Drinking Chocolate, two resealable 5.4 oz Snacking Bags, and one Original Daily Dose Gift Box, and is presented in a gift box along with (1) glass jar of meaningful gemstones:

(2) 1.05oz Organic Drinking Chocolate: Traditional pouches

(2) 1.05oz Organic Drinking Chocolate: Mint pouches

(2) 1.05oz Organic Drinking Chocolate: 6-Spice pouches**

**Temporarily out of stock. We will supplement with extra pouches of Traditional and Mint Organic Drinking Chocolate until further notice.

(1) 5.4oz Superfruit 52% Cacao Wild Maine Blueberry Snacking Bag

(1) 5.4oz Superfruit 52% Cacao Cherry Snacking Bag

(1) 0.35oz Daily Dose of Dark: Original 72% Cacao Gift Box (pack of 7)

(1) Glass jar of gemstones (assorted)


Ingredients/Nutrition for Traditional Drinking Chocolate

Ingredients/Nutrition for Mint Drinking Chocolate

Ingredients/Nutrition for 6-Spice Drinking Chocolate

Ingredients/Nutrition for Cherry Snacking Bag

Ingredients/Nutrition for Blueberry Snacking Bag

Ingredients/Nutrition for Original Daily Dose

*Item not intended for resale. Glass jar of gemstones may pose choking hazard.

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