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Are you looking to brighten someone's day? Are you looking to find ways to make a great gift for your Mother or Father, or even a teacher or someone you simply just admire? Then you've probably contemplated for hours about what attributes are associated with a great gift, and how to make your gift stand out from all the others.

Gifting is a gift in itself. Seeing the recipient's facial expressions change to something more positive is heart-warming and hearing words of affection makes us feel great. Gifts are the perfect way to convey emotions that can't be put into words. They are perfect to show your appreciation and how much that person means to you.

So, what makes a great gift? Or what can you do to make your gift even better?

There are a few factors that can help the process:

  • Element of surprise: A gift out of the blue indicates that you were thinking about the specific person, and that you care enough to get them something that reminded you of them. No one expects a gift unless it's their birthday or a special occasion, so the element of surprise will guarantee a smile on recipient's face!
  • Usefulness (Value): It is thoughtful to give a gift that can be used, this can be both tangible or intangible items such as food, or gift cards. Depending on the context, a lot of things can be considered useful, if the recipient is interested in cooking, then kitchen tools and materials are appropriate. If the recipient shows high interest in food, take them out to eat! Better yet, buy delicious food that they can indulge in within the comfort of their own home.
  • Personal preferences: This will help narrow down the gift searching immensely. Knowing what the recipient likes and dislikes will play a huge factor in determining what gift is best-suited for them. Gifting food is especially important - known allergies and food restrictions will also narrow down the list! Knowing a person's hobbies and passions will let them know that you care and are paying attention to their interests!

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