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Welcome to NibMor’s new blog! We are so excited to bring you topics that we feel are most important to living a full and happy life. Get ready for lots of chocolate talk, amazing recipes, conversation on women’s issues and plenty of healthy lifestyle tips and tricks that you and your family will love.

When I started making chocolate in my tiny New York City apartment in 2009, I never could have imagined that NibMor would become a national brand. I am so excited to share what I have learned with you about chocolate, being a mom and getting it all done. To me, it’s about so much more than chocolate. Chocolate is something to share with others and also to indulge in and have a moment to ourselves. At NibMor we are a community of women, moms and families who are all doing the best we can. A little bit of chocolate can do a lot to brighten the day.

However, we are also a society that has fallen victim to big companies and a lack of transparency by those companies. Our lives are busy and we often don’t have time to ask the questions we might have if we weren’t rushing to finish a work project or running out to pick up the kids. At NibMor, we believe in full transparency and will always bring you the latest information regarding ingredients and food labels so you can make decisions at the grocery store at lightening speed.

Thank you for joining us here and allowing NibMor to be a part of the nourishment you bring to yourself and your family on a daily basis. We are proud to be a product you pick up off the shelf and hope to bring you ‘Mor’ than just our delicious chocolate products here. After all, There’s Mor to Life…we are all in this together.

Yours in chocolate,
Heather K. Terry
Founder, NibMor Chocolate