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Like Nutrigold has shared, “it is difficult to know what companies you can trust, and hard to tell what you are really getting when you buy”, emphasizing the benefit of certifications. That is why Nibmor is proud to continue to be as transparent as possible through third party verification.
NibMor crafts a delicious range of chocolate  drinks and chocolate snacks that meet both our taste standards AND our values, and chocolate that meets your taste expectations and budget, so you can continue snacking mindfully without breaking the bank.
Nibmor is verified NonGMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, and Fair Trade... we care about our ingredients, and most importantly, we care about what goes in our consumers’ bodies. By doing so, we can provide high quality, better-for-you chocolate. That’s why we use natural, organic ingredients and verify every step of the way.
Being certified gluten-free, our chocolate is available to those who have celiac disease, or any related dietary restrictions. Being certified vegan, and kosher makes NibMor products more accessible and inclusive. Not to mention, it’s very important to us to uphold our sustainability efforts. Being Rainforest Alliance certified and Fair Trade means that we have passed the standards for environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and that we continue to adapt best-practice at the workplace.
You can taste the difference and feel good knowing NibMor has taken the time to have our deliciousness and ingredients all third party verified. We take care of all the hard stuff, so you can worry less and continue to Share Mor, Live Mor, Love Mor, and NibMor.