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DO YOU LOVE NibMor's Drinking Chocolate? Enter Our FEBRUARY PHOTO CONTEST!

SHARE THE LOVE by posting your FAVORITE LIFESTYLE PHOTO that you have taken featuring NibMor drinking chocolate! What is your ritual? When do you enjoy a warm drink? How does this drink fit in your lifestyle or day?... Do you enjoy sipping after morning yoga? On the porch with friends? or at the lodge? Snap a picture with appetite appeal (no people please) and send!

Share your images with us on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win the NibMor ORGANIC DRINKING CHOCOLATE FLAVOR 18pc SAMPLER with chocolates.

- Submit your photo(s) via our Facebook comments below!
- A NibMor logo must be shown (or partially shown) in the composition of your image, i.e. a Nibmor Organic Drinking Chocolate packet. Any flavor. (No photoshop, or logo edits)
- Photos should reflect tasteful appetite appeal or a feeling of healthy inspiration. No people please.
- Must be 13 years or older to enter, and reside in the domestic U.S.
- Photo images must be your original file and work.

It is that time of year, perfect to share a good cup of cocoa…

At Nibmor, we pride ourselves in the products that we create for you and your family to enjoy. We wouldn’t release anything we weren’t proud of.

Our organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan friendly Drinking Chocolate is true deliciousness.

Nibmor’s Gluten-Free Drinking Chocolate consist of only 4 ingredients.*

We provide the best possible product without any synthetic ingredients at a price that can’t be beat. No wonder people are choosing to ‘Nib Mor!’

*Ingredients: Sugar (Blend of Organic Coconut Palm and Organic Cane), Organic Cacao Powder, Sea Salt

Nibmor’s Drinking Chocolate isn’t just your ordinary drinking chocolate. It blends like no other to truly give you a ‘drinking melted chocolate’ experience. It can be served hot or added to a smoothie for a little extra something special. This lis a better-for-you product with a gentle blend of coconut and cane sugar that can also be used for your baking needs.

Trust us, this is a great addition to that dessert of yours! For inspiration, you can check out our blog for recipes featuring NibMor drinking chocolate:

Don’t miss your chance to win delicious Drinking Chocolate!

Submit your best photo of our drinking chocolate, be as creative as possible!