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The sun is coming out, the weather is getting warmer, why not cool yourself down with this delicious frozen hot chocolate made with our very own Traditional Drinking Chocolate and 72% Cacao Original Dark Chocolate bar!


3 cups crushed ice

2 cups milk (your choice, we used almond milk)

2.5 tablespoon Nibmor traditional drinking chocolate

4 tablespoon or more melted Nibmor original dark chocolate bar

1 tablespoon shaved Nibmor original dark chocolate bar

Whipped cream


In a blender, pour milk, put in chocolate powder, and crushed ice, and then blend altogether.

Depending on preference, add more ice for a thicker texture.

Transfer frozen hot chocolate into your favorite mug, cup, or jar.

Drizzle the rims with the melted chocolate, top it off with whipped cream, more of the melted chocolate, and chocolate shavings.

Enjoy this refreshing drink on a hot day!