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I am often asked two questions when people find out about NibMor. Number one, is it dark chocolate? And number two, do you have milk chocolate? The first question is asked because that person only wants dark chocolate and the second is asked because that person only wants milk! What’s a girl to do? Well, obviously, with the first individual, I have exactly what she wants. No problem. With the second it takes a little convincing.

Most people who have a hate relationship with dark chocolate have had a negative experience. The dark chocolate bar they tried 7 years ago was bitter, dry and unappealing. So they believe they only like milk chocolate. But what they really love about milk chocolate is the texture-it’s usually pretty smooth, and how sweet it is. Now I don’t think I need to tell you that too much sugar is not great for you. We all see the studies, right? But here is what you don’t know. Milk chocolate is cheap. Cacao is what chocolate is. To be more precise, chocolate comes from cacao beans. And when you’re only using 30 or 40% cacao, you have to make up the rest of that chocolate bar with a whole lot of fillers. Those fillers can include the following: milk,  or more likely milk powders, sugar (in various forms), lecithin-an emulsifier that can be over used- if it is not one of the last ingredients, put down the chocolate bar, cacao butter (the fat from the cacao bean), and vegetable oils (used to simulate what cacao butter does to chocolate but A LOT cheaper and not very good for you in most cases.) So how do you get a smooth dark chocolate bar? And one that is not bitter? How can you simulate that experience? 

When chocolate producers do not add cacao butter* to make a chocolate bar, they are really robbing you as a consumer. Although cacao butter is higher in calories it still contributes to the flavinols and all the antioxidants that make chocolate a healthy choice. They also rob you of amazing texture, that same texture my milk chocolate-seeking friends are so fond of. If you take out the cacao butter, you take away the experience. If you replace cacao butter with vegetable oils you aren’t really making chocolate, you are contributing to an edible science experiment.
Now, I am the founder of a chocolate company so, of course, I am going to encourage you to try our chocolate! If you are a milk chocolate fan, I think our new all natural bars are going to knock your socks off. They boast 55% cacao with cacao butter only and no milk, but feel like a milk chocolate bar melting in your mouth. Give them a go and see if we can convert you to the dark chocolate side.


Yours in REAL Chocolate,

Heather K. Terry

Founder NibMor Chocolate