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What's a better way to cool down the summer than to enjoy a refreshing smoothie bowl? Here are 7 different, healthy, and delicious smoothie bowl variations that you could easily make at home with your favorite toppings, including healthy NibMor chocolate!

1. Mixed Berry + Chia Seed

This smoothie bowl is perfect for the berry lover! Top this off with slices of your favorite fruits and add in some chia seeds for great health benefits! Follow our recipe to recreate this.

2. Strawberry

Why not keep it as simple as strawberry? It tastes just as delicious as all the other bowls. Plus, add a touch of our NibMor chocolate to give it that extra flavor! Get the recipe here.

3. Spinach

This leafy smoothie bowl is spinach-based. It's healthy, refreshing, and guilt-free. Give it a try by following our recipe found here.

4. Mango

Give this tropical, delicious mango smoothie bowl a go! This is definitely a crowd pleaser that'll leave you wanting more! Get this recipe here.

5. Beet + Berry

Our friends over at Crafted Bowls created this beautiful beet and berry smoothie bowl using our NibMor chocolate to top it all off! Find the recipe here.

6. Carrington Farms' Mixed Berries

We teamed up with our friends at Carrington Farms for this mixed berry smoothie bowl using their very own Organic Flax Chai Blend along with our very own NibMor Dark Chocolate with Wild Blueberries straight from Maine! Click here for more information.

7. Michele's Granola

This little beauty was created by our friends over at Michele's Granola using their vegan-friendly granola and our vegan-friendly dark chocolate! For more information on this delicious bowl, click here.