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Looking to share a little extra love with mom this year? Here are 7 delicious recipes using our NibMor chocolate that are perfect for your Mother's Day brunch! Plus,use promo code MOTHERSDAY20 on our website to get 20% off! It's time to spoil mom.

1. This yummy Summer Berry Parfait. Okay, so maybe it's not summer just yet...but this looks good enough to share with mom a little early:

2. These Simple Blender Muffins that are prepared quickly enough to save the day even if you wake up forgetting that it's Mother's Day and haven't prepared anything for mom yet:

3. This delightfully fluffy Gluten-Free Vegan Waffle (Leslie Knope would likely approve):

4. This tasty Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie that will make mom go bananas:

5. These delicious MRM USA Chocolate Mocha protein pancakes to help gear-up for Mother's Day adventures:

6. For the fruit and veggie-loving mom, this amazing Beet & Berry smoothie bowl:

7. For a little energy boost, this yummy Mint Mocha Drink-A-Cino (just like a frozen latte!):