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Truly the food and drink of the gods. Intense, complex, indulgent—these two were destined to be together, right? 

Yes, absolutely.

But, in practice, just like all legendary couples, the perfect pairing of wine and dark chocolate just might be more chemistry than kismet. Or, in this case, more palate than predestination. The general rule of thumb is to match intensity and sweetness, or, when in doubt, choose a wine that’s a bit more sweet. So, to help guide your search for the ultimate in tasteful, complimentary combinations, we humbly submit our suggestions below. Enjoy!


NibMor Organic Dark Chocolate Extreme (80% cacao) + Tawny Port 


The wooden-cask aged Tawny Port, with its powerful notes of sweet, sweet fruit, provides the perfect balance to this organic dark chocolate topped with cacao nibs.  


NibMor Organic Dark Chocolate Original (72% cacao) +  Zinfandel


The concentrated fruit notes of the juicy Zinfandel offers that just-right, tasteful pop of sweetness to the 72% cacao of NibMor Original, revealing the hidden flavors of both. 


NibMor Organic Dark Chocolate with Tart Cherry + Amarone


The tart cherry sprinkles in the NibMor dark chocolate meet the full-bodied, rich, chocolatey, ripe red cherry notes of Amarone, a highly regarded wine of Northern Italy produced from grapes left to dry after harvest.


NibMor Organic Dark Chocolate with Wild Maine Blueberry + U.S. Grenache


Wines with strong fruit notes are always a good match with fruit-accented dark chocolate. No surprise, then, that the blueberry sprinkles in the NibMor dark chocolate beautifully compliment the unmistakably fruit-forward, berry-like notes of a good U.S. Grenache.


NibMor Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt + Pinot Noir


The briny sea salt crunch, the rich, smoothness of the NibMor dark chocolate, and the earthy, smokiness of the Pinot Noir all come together for a delightfully sumptuous taste experience.

Love dark chocolate? Then you’ll love NibMor--rich, sumptuous, creamy dark chocolate that’s made from just handful of simple, wholesome ingredients. Certified USDA Organic and non-GMO, NibMor comes in a variety of delicious flavors you just have to try. So get started now!